The Company

Founded in 2009, Image-Ad specializes in the development of web applications, desktop applications, mobile wireless technologies and their integration with Microsoft’s Windows platform. Image-Ad is 100% owned by Ghanaian and provides direct jobs to ten (10) Ghanaians and other nationals from Africa. We provide innovative services in mobile client server applications, enterprise solutions, and mobile content distribution in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.

Image-AD specializes in the integration of agricultural value chain actors through mobile phone and web applications. We provide cutting-edge mobile phone-based applications to a number of local and international organizations. Through close collaboration with International Non-Governmental organizations, our mobile platform is being used in 17 African countries.

We focus our expertise to discover, develop and market innovative ICT solutions for the private businesses, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations. As one of the leading mobile platform development Companies in Africa, we are devoted to providing excellent and high-quality sustainable solutions, and customer-tailored products services. Our commitment stretches beyond discovery and development of software applications and translates into a comprehensive and innovative product portfolio, including solutions for SMEs. Our strategy reflects both our customers’ needs and our expertise.